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unsustainable / неустойчивый
unstable, irrational
  • unsustainable use - нерациональное использование
имя прилагательное
not able to be maintained at the current rate or level.
macroeconomic instability led to an unsustainable boom
Bears, however, say it is more likely this signals the current level of dividends is unsustainable .
It claimed the current system was unsustainable , unfair and incoherent, and other countries such as Germany and Japan had produced much more coherent systems for assessing needs and sharing costs.
The carrier's real issue is that, in the face of unstoppable competition, its currently enjoyed levels of profitability are unsustainable .
Scientists attribute the declines to pollution, habitat degradation, and unsustainable fishing practices that allow species to be harvested faster than they can reproduce.
Now he is urging further government intervention to push housing prices to still more absurdly unsustainable levels.
In that respect we find that the Adjudicator's determination is unsustainable and cannot be upheld.
The loggers maintain that the current rate of cut is unsustainable and are demanding it be halved.
It pledges to end unsustainable fishing by 2015, where possible.
Excessive domestic borrowings to finance current expenditure has resulted in debt service payments approaching unsustainable levels.
Given Wednesday's government figures showing an increase in house repossessions, the signs suggest that current price levels are unsustainable , experts warned.