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unsuspected / неожиданный, незаподозренный, непредвиденный
имя прилагательное
unexpected, sudden, surprising, surprise, abrupt, unsuspected
unexpected, unforeseen, emergency, contingent, unsuspected, incalculable
имя прилагательное
not known or thought to exist or be present; not imagined possible.
the actor displays an unsuspected talent for comedy
Accordingly, the clinician should be alerted to the possibility of an unsuspected AAT abnormality in liver disease patients manifesting ‘unexplained’ PAS-D inclusions.
One might say that the presence of an unsuspected dimension leads to consideration of extra information that one had previously ignored.
Perhaps most amusingly, my study also showed that a previously unsuspected variable - ‘task-orientation’ - was a good predictor of political party preference.
For the gentleman in question, this passion seems to be his ‘one thing,’ yet it too garnered unsuspected consequences; his wife had an affair out of sheer boredom.
An exciting new development has emerged in this project, and it serves to establish that those dusty geniuses of early times had other, hitherto unsuspected , talents and insights.
She worked at a bank and they paid quite well, and everything was going wonderfully until two unsuspected people pulled a gun while she was at the counter.
Quite frankly, there might one day be an unsuspected benefit from union's decision to end its gentlemen's agreement limiting payments.
It was a perfect day for travelers who were in need of supplies, myself included; but also, it was a perfect day for thieves and bandits to snatch goods and money from unsuspected victims.
This study used the troponin T assay to investigate the frequency of unsuspected cardiac damage among patients presenting with an ischaemic stroke
‘Even the unsuspected family pet let loose in the countryside can cause great distress to sheep, including pregnant ewes and lambs,’ he said.