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unsurprising / неудивителен
имя прилагательное
not unexpected and so not causing surprise.
the outcome of this somber film is unsurprising
In a skinny train of islands in a deserted corner of a very big ocean, it is unsurprising that the sea and shore are top of the list.
This is completely unsurprising , as the law, such as it exists here, on charities is simply not enforced.
Indeed, some might say that his political intentions are unsurprising .
This is unsurprising as HSBC has led high street banks in acquiring City of London stockbroking skills.
At its heart is the unsurprising premise that personal experience dictates how we interpret information.
This is unsurprising as they are men of great power and influence.
The unsurprising response was that it was needed immediately while some were keen to wait until money was available.
The findings were as disturbing as they were unsurprising , pointing up old stereotypes of circuit queens.
That occasionally he might overstep the line is unsurprising .
The least surprising thing about the Emmy Awards this year was how unsurprising they were.