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unsurpassed / непревзойденный
имя прилагательное
unsurpassed, unbeaten, unexcelled, matchless, inimitable, nonpareil
имя прилагательное
as good as or better than any other.
the quality of workmanship is unsurpassed
His unsurpassed resilience to Hollywood's finest voice coaches may get laughs from the critics, but also works in his favour.
It was not, alas, unique, unequalled, unsurpassed , or uncommon for all that.
His plotting is unsurpassed , her characters entirely believable, and her prose the most readable in crime fiction.
His knowledge of Westbury was said to be unsurpassed and he had been a key player in planning the town's visitor centre, which opened in December.
It is amazing that, in an era of unsurpassed economic vibrancy, that we still have young people who fall through the net of illiteracy.
Today it still remains unsurpassed by all who have tried.
The beauty and the charm of this lovely spot is unsurpassed .
The range, magnificence and diversity of the monuments in the Luxor area is unsurpassed in all of Egypt.
The artistry of the hidden beauty lies in its polysemy, and that of the visible in its unsurpassed preeminence.
They have always been leaders in scouting and their record in national competition is unsurpassed .