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unsupported / не поддерживается
не поддерживаемый
not supported
имя прилагательное
(of a structure, object, or person) not supported physically.
a toddler who can stand unsupported
Whilst a sportscotland spokesperson confirmed that Scottish bobsleigh athletes are not ineligible for funding, he is currently financially unsupported .
However, if the data do not support the proposed solution then the scientist conducting the experiment must be open-minded and accept that the hypothesis/theory is unsupported .
He reiterated that his evidence, the only evidence put up against his client, was illogical, inconsistent and unsupported by any other evidence.
A finding of fact which is unsupported by any evidence clearly involves an error of law.
Does the National Institute for Clinical Excellence's guidance suggesting the use of rosiglitazone later than is ideal, unsupported by evidence based medicine, amount to rationing?
And when I checked the footnotes and had the library pull the sources, the majority of the assertions proved to be wrong, incomplete in important ways, or unsupported .
Our compatibility matrices don't indicate the supported or unsupported hardware.
The branch PO tells me that the publicity committee is hopeful of landing a sponsor shortly for the upcoming Towns' Cup, which was unsupported financially last season.
‘The unsupported device is likely the useless E-support button on the front of your computer tower,’ he writes.
More often, however, the mass media provide tacit support for untested and unsupported claims by saying nothing skeptical about even the most outlandish of claims.