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unsullied / незапятнанный
имя прилагательное
unsullied, spotless, clean, unblemished, immaculate, unspotted
имя прилагательное
not spoiled or made impure.
an unsullied reputation
Still, the allegations show how hard it is for anyone in Russian finance to have an unsullied reputation.
His academic reputation remains unsullied by deeds that would have seen him fired in any other establishment.
No skeletons have fallen from closets and his reputation remains unsullied .
The second type is the sort who feels outrage at the presence of other backpackers and who is ever seeking virgin spots yet unsullied by them.
His voice remains clarion-ragged, unsullied , and untouched by trends or whims.
Much of the old town is 17th century, and surprisingly intact and unsullied by suburbs, despite being only 15 miles from Amsterdam.
These team-builders, no longer royalty, are valued as much for their unsullied reputations as their solid track records.
It is pristine and unsullied so long as we always draw from the source.
Why is the second-rate part of a hero's corpus uncritically praised or else ignored to keep the hero's reputation unsullied .
In America, her reputation remains no more unsullied than she herself would wish.