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unsuitable / неподходящий, неподобающий
имя прилагательное
unsuitable, inappropriate, improper, inopportune, inept, ineligible
unseemly, indecent, unsuitable, untoward, unbeseeming, graceless
имя прилагательное
not fitting or appropriate.
the display is unsuitable for young children
Tours are organised by the Friends of Old Palace who regret that the building is unsuitable for wheelchairs.
This is why people who appear to be completely unsuitable for one another can live long happy lives together.
For example, a Likert scale is entirely unsuitable for asking factual questions about behaviour.
Some other fields are of made up ground and unsuitable for building on.
Some roads are completely unsuitable for lorries in the Moors and Dales.
Warning stickers were placed on the bins that had incorrect or unsuitable material in them.
They are also concerned that many are housed in old and unsuitable buildings.
Anyone who fails to appoint a legal guardian runs the risk of unsuitable people applying for the position.
In May last year the plans were turned down as being unsuitable for an historic building.
Many shops are willing to exchange goods if they are unsuitable .