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unsuccessful / неудачный, безуспешный, неудачливый
имя прилагательное
unsuccessful, failed, unfortunate, unlucky, abortive, unhappy
unsuccessful, thriveless
unfortunate, unsuccessful
имя прилагательное
not successful.
an unsuccessful transition period
After two unsuccessful attempts a doctor would not be able to apply again for restoration.
He says attempts to clarify the company's intentions have been unsuccessful .
We have had several unsuccessful attempts in the past and have intercepted all of them successfully.
After a few unsuccessful attempts I gave up and started to push it the last ten miles or so.
Will the month-long tour be extended if the American mission is unsuccessful ?
Attempts to locate the lorry at Harwich International Port were unsuccessful .
He has already made two unsuccessful attempts at raising finance to fund an expansion programme.
That is not restricted to the situation where the claimant is successful or unsuccessful .
One of the group made an unsuccessful attempt to find him before the police were called.
To discriminate between successful and unsuccessful interventions we need evidence.