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unstructured / неструктурированных
flat, structureless
имя прилагательное
without formal organization or structure.
an unstructured interview
My sister was trying to plan her day tomorrow, because she has no plans for once and she starts climbing the walls after about 10 minutes of unstructured activity.
Spatially structured populations differ from unstructured populations in the probability of fixation and the time that this fixation takes.
The reason lies in the differences between structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.
Some interviews were unstructured , when we really sat down to talk only about reindeer herding, but I knew I could come back the day after if something was unclear.
Her data gathering tools included a combination of structured and unstructured interviews and direction observations.
Depending on the sophistication of the application this can include structured as well as unstructured content.
The methods of data collection for the study were participant observation and unstructured interviews carried out between May 1995 and May 1997.
LSI is more close to human-generated taxonomies and categorization and takes a long step in structuring unstructured data.
There are five times as much unstructured as structured, but we rarely manage it.
Some college officials see the contradiction inherent in their new efforts to offset stress and encourage the joys of reflection and unstructured time.