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unstring / снять или ослабить струны, снять или ослабить тетиву, распускать
снять или ослабить струны
снять или ослабить тетиву
dissolve, dismiss, disband, unpick, expand, unstring
a mind unstrung by loneliness
remove or relax the string or strings of (a bow or musical instrument).
Mark the location of the grip on the bowstring and unstring the bow.
remove from a string.
unstringing the beads from the rosary
The lorry stops beside the new hay barn and the men unstring the round bails and manoeuvre them onto the ground.
Terrorists act on this potential, and so unstring the entire fabric of life.
Because of this and other reasons, it is always a good idea to unstring any all-wood bow any time it is not required for use for more than an hour or so.
Mark the location of the grip on the bowstring and unstring the bow.
He unstrung his bow, which he always strung up to be ready in case of an attack.
Brock just rolled his shoulders and unstrung his bow, coiled the string and tucked between the oiled sheets of paper that usually held it, and tucked that into a pouch on his belt.
To become a true archer you must know your bow intimately, its pressure points, the places to massage it back into shape after a humid day, the parts that need care when stringing or unstringing it… the list goes on.
Then she unstrung her bow deaf to the crowds' wild cheers.
Leaning on the wall were two more guitars, one of which was unstrung and appeared to be wet with paint, judging by the paintbrushes lying on the floor next to it and the brighter-than-normal shine.
On the wall adjacent to the targets, hung unstrung bows of every kind - longbows, short bows, recurves and compounds, even a crossbow - and beside them hung quivers full of arrows.