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unstinting / поскупился
имя прилагательное
given or giving without restraint; unsparing.
he was unstinting in his praise
These data confirm the unstinting and largely unreported dedication of the American public to multilateralism in foreign policy.
Astonishingly, or perhaps not so astonishingly given her unstinting energy, enthusiasm and skills of organisation, Alexander even manages to have a life.
My unstinting generosity of character is pain sometimes.
I would like to thank all of them for their unstinting generosity.
He is recognised for his unstinting work for veterans of the former 4th Battalion of the Wiltshire Regiment, affectionately known as the Vly Club.
They do it for the sheer joy it brings to others and with no thought of rewards or praise for their own unstinting efforts.
He was unstinting in his praise for the 7,000-strong following.
In an address at York Minster, the Archbishop of York paid tribute to the unstinting service, profound wisdom and unswerving faith of the Queen.
He was unstinting in his praise and respect for Marion as the steady fulcrum of his life and he never failed to proudly mention his children and grandchildren.
I humbly request to be included among the latter and to be allowed to quote an example of his unstinting kindness and generosity.