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unstick / отклеивать, отдирать, расклеивать
unstick, rend, rent
post, stick, paste up, post up, placard, unstick
cause to become no longer stuck together.
Each of these scenarios illustrates people who are stuck and can be unstuck only by finding other people who have requisite knowledge and experience to move them to the next appropriate action.
I've got to get out of the house early today, as it will take me quite a while to unstick my car from the ice-encrusted driveway.
He tried to move left, right, back, but his shirt was stuck fast to the roots and moving forwards to unstick himself was impossible against the force of the water.
‘This looks like the place,’ Kate said, trying to unstick a poster from her shoe.
However these systems are not as satisfactory overall as full-time systems - it is not too difficult to unstick the rear wheels if you aren't careful, particularly on slippery roads.
Computer Help Desk technicians are greeted by office staff as saviors when they arrive to unstick a stuck PC.
‘I unstick them from their attachment to the saddle,’ she says.
the minimum unstick speed
Of course it's possible to unstick the rear wheels in corners, but you've really got to be going after hooligan thrills.
the aircraft refused to unstick
Defragmenting the hard drive takes precedence over unsticking the deadbolt.