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unsteady / неустойчивый, шаткий, зыбкий
имя прилагательное
unstable, erratic, unsteady, labile, tippy, instable
shaky, wobbly, wonky, rickety, flimsy, unsteady
unsteady, sandy
имя прилагательное
liable to fall or shake; not firm.
he was very unsteady on his feet
not uniform or regular.
a soft unsteady voice
He appeared drunk and unsteady and after a positive roadside breath test was taken to the police station.
The officer asked the appellant to get out of the vehicle, and noticed he was unsteady on his feet after getting out.
The delicate line drawings wavered in the unsteady light, but it was clear enough for him to be certain this wasn't the one he was looking for.
Ed was almost shaking and his voice was a little unsteady as he answered.
As Charles lets what feels like half of Glasgow into the dressing room, an unsteady young fan falls at Turner's feet.
The damp, hard floor beneath her was moving; it was swaying from side to side in an unsteady rhythm.
Ellianne saw that his usually graceful movements were unsteady and shaking.
Its clear, pure light is wavering, unsteady , as if it were reflected on the surface of a pond.
A few people may suffer intermittent symptoms or feel a little unsteady for a few days after the trip, especially after travelling by boat.
However, economic growth was unsteady and its prosperity distributed very unevenly.