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unstained / незапятнанный
имя прилагательное
unsullied, spotless, clean, unblemished, immaculate, unstained
имя прилагательное
not stained.
The cell walls of the interior tissues did stain with a particularly abrupt transition from unstained to stained just behind the root cap and at the outer cortex, but nowhere were nuclei seen to stain.
The floor was made of unstained , but smooth, bare wood, freshly scrubbed and laid out around a circular room decorated with two simple wooded chairs and a table.
Stained tissues were considered viable, and unstained white tissues were considered dead.
It must have being polished regularly as the blade was completely unstained .
The unstained white sari is also Rajam Krishnan's message of not giving into oppression and injustice of any kind as a person and as a writer.
Stained pollen grains (white arrow) are viable, unstained grains (black arrows) are not.
Under these conditions all nuclei should be unstained .
The samples were examined unstained and stained, using low and high power magnifications.
The rocks seemed clean and unstained in their perfect smoothness, caressing her hands as she placed them down on the ground in the very front of the yard.
Seeds were cleared and compared with unstained seeds using a dissecting scope.
‘Well I have this phobia… ‘I muttered as I took off my glasses and found the one unstained spot on the bib to clean them.