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unspotted / незапятнанный, незапачканный
имя прилагательное
unsullied, spotless, clean, unblemished, immaculate, unspotted
имя прилагательное
not marked with spots.
He looked with curiosity at the girl standing quietly among her hysterical schoolmates in her unspotted white dress, and she returned his gaze calmly.
the network of avian enthusiasts ensures that no rarity goes unspotted
I was camouflaged amongst the benches and remained unspotted .
One day the purpose and the plan will shine in all its unspotted glory and wisdom.
They differ about what is most worth preserving in a world of imperfect choices - economic growth or an unspotted landscape, American power or American purity - and thus what must be sacrificed in pursuit of the good energy society.
The body of her whose virginity remained unspotted in childbirth, was preserved in its incorruption and was taken to a better place.
In her attiring room the great mirror stood intact in its frame of ivory, and the wicker chairs were arranged in precise symmetry on the unspotted floor.
Shriver, an attractive young man with an unspotted record, could not make his case to primary voters in Maryland, who knocked off his bid for Congress.
Maiden primarily means unspotted , unpolluted, and innocent; thus Hubert says to the king.
Their victim status in murder mysteries does not mean that women enjoy unspotted reputations in railway crime fiction.
But the majority of cases go unspotted and therefore remain untreated or poorly treated.
Few happy days are entirely unspotted by melancholy.