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unspoken / невысказанный, невыраженный
имя прилагательное
unspoken, unsaid, unexpressed
unexpressed, unspoken, wordless, ulterior
имя прилагательное
not expressed in speech; tacit.
an unspoken assumption
Holly looked up at her boyfriend, nodding at his silent agreement to her unspoken request.
The unspoken assumption that fourth-century towns were of the same sort as those of the second is clearly mistaken.
The unspoken implication is that she is prostituting herself to feed her family.
There's an unspoken rule when hitching that polite listening is compulsory, arguing outlawed.
His unspoken personal doubt rings out loud through that mere question.
Unfortunately there is still the unspoken understanding that young men are allowed to sow their wild oats.
The paramilitaries by unspoken agreement, sustain each other's existence and excesses.
Actually, the unspoken rule is that you never allow anyone to know your child is being tutored.
For good and bad, very few things are left implicit or unspoken in the life of a liberal democracy.
It has been an unspoken assumption that the law is made by humans for humans.