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unspeakable / невыразимый, не выразимый словами, очень плохой
имя прилагательное
inexpressible, unspeakable, ineffable, unutterable, nameless, speechless
не выразимый словами
wordless, unspeakable
очень плохой
dreadful, unspeakable, woeful, woesome
имя прилагательное
not able to be expressed in words.
I felt an unspeakable tenderness toward her
Tiny figures huddled in sweatshops, toiling in unspeakable conditions.
My sisters and I understood very little of the unspeakable reality he sought to describe.
Just the sound of it fills the world with unspeakable joy.
Admittedly there can be no denying the horror, the unspeakable horror of what had transpired at the Cathedral nearly three years ago.
If this is so, then writing becomes a problematic activity. If the writer uses words connected to the world, then cannot express an unspeakable experience.
The wounds inflicted on minority women can hardly heal especially when they were subjected to such unspeakable crimes.
Memorial services happen because for each family with a loss, every loss is unspeakable tragedy.
It's offered, and has duly been read, as a visual metaphor for an unspeakable loss - one of those moments when cinema aspires to the poetic.
His beautifully judged film matches the moments of comedy with glimpses of the unspeakable tragedies that can send a life into tailspin.
How she felt so unseen and out-of-place, like the silence that fills the void of unspeakable words.