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unsparing / беспощадный, щедрый, расточительный
имя прилагательное
merciless, ruthless, relentless, cutthroat, savage, unsparing
generous, lavish, bountiful, handsome, bounteous, unsparing
wasteful, lavish, prodigal, extravagant, profligate, unsparing
имя прилагательное
merciless; severe.
he is unsparing in his criticism of the arms trade
given freely and generously.
she had won her mother's unsparing approval
Both were unsparing in their criticism of government and of the social organisations that held India in their vice-like grip.
They are unsparing in their criticism of the Socialist Party in its early years, before it broke definitively with a revolutionary orientation.
Gentility is not the hallmark of Snyder's books: They're violent, unsparing and tough on both the reader and the characters.
Though unsparing in his criticism of political adversaries, the former Chief Minister is adept at employing witty remarks and repartees to cushion the impact of his caustic remarks.
The account of his marital infidelities, especially his affair with Assia Wevill in the early 1960s, is fair-minded and unsparing .
But Victorian County Court Judge, Graeme Crossley, was unsparing , describing Hopper's behaviour as a gross breach of trust of the entire Wesley College community.
He cannot be called that, but through his austerity, bearing, unwavering commitment and unsparing frankness he brought to his times a hint of the prophets of yore.
While he is unsparing in his descriptions of the muddle, indecision and plain deceit in the preparation and conduct of the rising, he does communicate something of the small-scale grandeur of it all.
His criticism of religion was unsparing , as was his contempt for those who pinned progressive hopes on it.
But Avedon went in another direction with his portrait work, shooting unsparing and often unflattering shots of subjects from Marilyn Monroe to Michael Moore.