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unsound / необоснованный, нездоровый, больной
имя прилагательное
unfounded, unwarranted, ungrounded, baseless, unsound, invalid
unhealthy, unwell, ill, indisposed, unwholesome, unsound
sick, ill, sore, diseased, ailing, unsound
имя прилагательное
not safe or robust; in poor condition.
the tower is structurally unsound
See You Then was an unsound horse sympathetically trained by Nicky Henderson who also won the Champion Hurdle three times in a row.
The horses are monitored by veterinarians throughout the ride at pre-determined check points and will be withdrawn from the ride if they are judged to be unsound or metabolically unfit.
It is unsettling to discover a layer of fragile, unsound rock concealed between deep strata of solid granite, but not uncommon.
I am now convinced that although he is unsound in his views there are not sufficient grounds for proceeding against him.
Since the Liberals defeated the NDP in the last election, no work has been done to improve the Woodwards building and there is concern that it is structurally unsound .
But the principle itself is not wholly unsound .
Mr Pain said the police evidence was unsound : ‘It's all innuendo and unsubstantiated intelligence given by people who clearly have an axe to grind.’
The main buildings may not be of modern design, but there was no technical evidence to show that any of them are structurally unsound or incapable of reuse, with refurbishment if necessary.
If the theory is indeed unsound , then it's perfectly proper for the legislature to prevent the cost and risk of the litigation in the first place, rather than waiting until tens of millions of dollars are spent in various lawsuits.
As I mentioned before, there are lots of interesting, plausible arguments in the gun control debates - and some that seem appealing but on close viewing prove to be just plain unsound .