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unsolicited / незатребованный
имя прилагательное
unsolicited, unreclaimed
имя прилагательное
not asked for; given or done voluntarily.
unsolicited junk mail
Is it in your nature to provide unsolicited commentary on all aspects of human existence?
How dare I not take her unsolicited advice on the use of a cooking oil!
In truth, any technical measure against unsolicited mail comes at a cost.
Police in Clacton today warned elderly residents to beware of unsolicited letters which could have cost a woman her home.
And studios mostly don't steal ideas from unsolicited scripts that come in, because if you do that you do get sued.
This time a caller offers a service to block unsolicited telephone calls for just £9.50 per quarter.
We have heard of incidents where people have suffered from quite aggressive behaviour from unsolicited tradesmen.
There has also been significant media attention - which was unsolicited , we might add.
When a user of the software package receives an unsolicited e-mail, they simply report this to the central database.
But for this most brutal, straightforward and unsolicited intervention, he had no answer.