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unsold / непроданный, нераспроданный, залежавшийся
имя прилагательное
stale, unsold
имя прилагательное
(of an item) not sold.
numerous copies of the book remained unsold
Tickets are to be sold in advance of the event and a ticket sales area will be included in the marquee for the sale of any unsold tickets.
You won't find Dell with unsold inventory because it hardly has any.
The Commerce Department said the new figure partly reflected an unexpectedly strong build-up of unsold goods.
Only four apartments remain unsold at the Russell Quay development in Ballyconnell, Co Cavan.
Only three houses remain unsold at the Mansfield Park development, just outside Kinsale in Co Cork.
The continued gains in sales have drawn down the inventory of unsold homes.
I expect that both venues will be selling tickets for any unsold seats on the day, but you may be disappointed if they've sold out.
The technology bust has left behind a mountain of unsold computers, cell phones, and PDAs.
The two unsold detached villas have asking prices of 19,350 and 19,651 yuan a square metre.
Eventually, it got to the point where the only time I would see her would be when we all met up at the end of the day to turn our unsold tickets in.