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unsocial / необщительный, антиобщественный
имя прилагательное
uncommunicative, unsociable, unsocial, antisocial, incommunicative, reserved
antisocial, unsocial
имя прилагательное
not seeking the company of others.
woodchucks lead a relatively unsocial life
Fighting the most popular storytelling medium is not only a losing battle and horribly snobbish but unsocial too.
They also have a very powerful kick, to be avoided at all costs, and have most unsocial habits like peeing on your foot or leaving large deposits for you to stand in.
He answered questions from the floor on law and order issues and said that loutish and unsocial behaviour would not be tolerated.
Through this isolation, people have become unsocial and full of apprehension about trusting or opening up to each other.
Watching her 13-year-old daughter falter in her studies and become more and more unsocial has firmed Yang's decision to divorce.
It was designed to tackle unsocial behaviour such as loud music, rowdy or offensive behaviour or dog control in Braintree, Witham and Halstead, by getting those responsible to sign a contract promising to mend their ways.
‘Gardaí have been called there on numerous occasions and there's a lot of unsocial behaviour going on,’ he said.
A few chairs were filled with unsocial people that seemed to already know each other.
However they are adamant that they will not be ‘unfairly imposed upon to accept further abuse through property damage, theft and general unsocial behaviour’.
My guess would be that either you think I am unsocial , or you believe I am about to take over the world and want in.