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unsociable / нелюдимый
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
uncommunicative, unsociable, unsocial, antisocial, incommunicative, reserved
restrained, discreet, reserved, restrain, moderate, unsociable
имя прилагательное
not enjoying or making an effort to behave sociably in the company of others.
Terry was grumpy and unsociable
It is possible that the smaller dog felt threatened all the more so because he was held on a tight leash; alternatively, he may simply be unsociable .
He had enjoyed a good salary for working unsociable hours and the abundant free time during the day for his private research projects.
You are absolutely the most rude, unsociable , uncivilized person I know!
Manet was charming, with a richer, warmer, more responsive personality; the unsociable , caustic Degas was guarded and hostile.
Many key workers are shift workers and no consideration has been given as to how are they meant to get to and from work at unsociable hours.
An Englishwoman, who met him in Burma, where his main intellectual pursuit was reading the Adelphi magazine, thought him ‘brusque and unsociable with no small talk’.
The same survey suggests we are rearing a generation of unsociable and reticent youngsters.
Thus you appear somewhat unsociable and aloof.
Despite the unsociable behaviour of some, which was particularly off-putting to visitors to the Halloween Fair this often ‘dreaded’ time of the year passed off reasonably well.
Mr Boxall said the Fireworks Regulations 2004 introduced a series of measures to tackle the nuisance caused by fireworks, including a ban on noisy ones and fireworks being set off in unsociable hours.