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unsmiling / неулыбчивый
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
(of a person or their manner or expression) serious or unfriendly; not smiling.
But he was unsmiling , and his look was so serious that she suddenly felt she had done something wrong.
He held her level gaze, unsmiling but not unfriendly.
She stands there before me, a lean, unsmiling girl, watching me.
The children are unsmiling , worn out with waiting!
An adversarial, unsmiling character, Bourdain has a gratuitous grudge against a society whose bourgeois comforts he long ago rejected.
Two Indonesian nuns waited behind him, unsmiling .
For once, he looked completely serious, his eyes blue gray and utterly resolute, his mouth unsmiling , his entire face determined.
The staff were helpful, yet unsmiling and tense.
Her cool, unsmiling , aloof look, to say nothing of her understated but hip fashion sense, goes along well with her her musical style.
The unsmiling person behind the counter, perusing your paperwork, has the power to destroy your life with one stamp in your passport.
Even the photographs of those who believe MMR to be safe and effective show them to be unsmiling , in contrast with the smiling, benign expressions of the doubters.