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unsettled / неурегулированный, нерешенный, неустроенный
имя прилагательное
unsolved, unsettled, undecided, open, pending, pendent
имя прилагательное
lacking stability.
an unsettled childhood
(of an area) having no settlers or inhabitants.
At first they were held in public houses, but as the attempts to eliminate them intensified, they moved to unsettled areas on the outskirts of settlement.
cause to feel anxious or uneasy; disturb.
the crisis has unsettled financial markets
Dr. Vincent, an old family friend, takes Paul fishing in order to help ease his mind, but Paul remains unsettled and decides to return home.
But his usual easy-going charm seemed to have temporarily deserted him, and she found him terse, uncommunicative, clearly unsettled by her absence.
As Parker points out, the meanings of these words for other purposes were unsettled and changing in this period.
Nevertheless, the controversies over literary openness are far from being resolved, and many related issues remain unsettled .
Generous with encouragement for preservation, the Colonial Office was stingy with funds to pay for policing vast unsettled areas.
After checking, the agent told my that my account has been blocked due to an unsettled bill.
Zambia's monopoly electric company has found a new way to collect more than R600 million in unsettled bills - by rewarding its defaulting customers.
The lecturers, who were seeking a 3.25 percent increase, had been withholding grades and were threatening rolling strikes while their dispute remained unsettled .
Brass will now need to discuss every senior player's contract - are all up for renewal this summer - but Dunning added the players have not been unsettled by not being able to discuss plans for next season.
The corporate bond market remains unsettled , with junk spreads widening again this week.