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unselfish / бескорыстный, неэгоистичный
имя прилагательное
selfless, unselfish, disinterested, impersonal, self-denying
имя прилагательное
willing to put the needs or wishes of others before one's own.
unselfish devotion
Sisters Rutter and Hyde were later awarded an MBE each for their unselfish devotion and care.
It inspires others by its unselfish example and holds out hope of even more effective public action in days to come.
An Irish citizen has never been president, and it will also make you look unselfish , noble and statesman-like.
The truth that von Trier seeks in his work is realised in this performance, which affects the whole cast with an unselfish generosity.
She thanked the men and women of the Irish Defence Forces for their courage, dedication and unselfish humanity.
Given her record of altruism and unselfish service to the Irish people we can be sure that is what she would wish.
This year they are paying tribute to Marion Donoghue for her unselfish work and assistance to the association during the past years.
She described him as not perfect, yet unselfish , as loving with a marvelous sense of humor and a great intellect.
His unselfish and noble virtues have earned him huge respect across all shades of political opinion.
In fact, the liturgy should consider unselfish love and joyful praise as the most important element of liturgical service.