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unseen / невидимый, невиданный
имя прилагательное
invisible, unseen, stealth, viewless, stealthy, sightless
имя существительное
духовный мир
inner life, unseen
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имя прилагательное
not seen or noticed.
it seemed she might escape unseen
No matter where they are, they maintain a running conversation with their unseen audience, which can be as big as 20,000 visitors on a good day.
He noticed me standing in the dark, practically unseen .
The examination will consist of both seen and unseen passages of both prose and poetry.
The drama of small town life is mimed from start to finish: characters knock on unseen doors, and hide behind invisible walls.
She came to the center of the stage, saluted the unseen audience with folded hands, and began with gestures to describe a river, flowing from above her right shoulder to below her left hip.
From those obscured depths, the bubbled exhalations from unseen divers stream up from portholes, heading past us for the sun.
But, following Finer's law of unexpected consequence, the site seems to be constructing its own narrative, with its own unseen implications.
This paper will contain two seen and two unseen passages of classical Persian prose for translation into English.
Marines were fanning out in all directions, firing their weapons at unseen enemy troops that retreated from building to building as the troops advanced.
And there was all that talk of war, war against an invisible enemy, an unseen speck on a parched landscape.