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unseeing / невидящий, слепой, ненаблюдательный
имя прилагательное
blind, sightless, eyeless, unseeing, viewless, gut
unobservant, unseeing
имя прилагательное
with one's eyes open but without noticing or seeing anything.
He twitched there on the ground; eyes open, yet unseeing .
When Blue goes to the park to investigate, he indeed finds a dead body, its eyes open and unseeing .
But the dealers have made the most of such a complacent belief, conducting their sordid business in front of our unseeing eyes.
Her eyes gazed straight ahead, glazed and unseeing .
After Ian was gone, Renee remained on the couch, her eyes open, unblinking, and unseeing .
His eyes were open, but unseeing , hazed over with a frightening coldness, unblinking.
Rosa turned her head towards her mother, unseeing .
His eyes opened slightly, unseeing , totally engrossed by the concentration required of him.
He twitched there on the ground; eyes open, yet unseeing .
‘No,’ I said, reaching unseeingly towards the direction of her voice, trying to keep her from leaving.
He didn't seem to notice her awkwardness as he busied himself at the kitchen, while her eyes roamed around the room, staring unseeingly at a faded gray couch that faced a small television.