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unsecured / необеспеченный
  • unsecured loan - необеспеченный кредит
unprotected, unsafe
имя прилагательное
(of a loan) made without an asset given as security.
Do not include the payments you are supposed to make on any unsecured credit such as personal loans, overdrafts and credit cards at this stage.
not made secure or safe.
As other countries up their security arrangements, they will identify goods as one of two classifications - those they consider secure, and those they consider unsecured .
But unsecured creditors were likely to have lost out.
Any money left over will go to the unsecured creditors, which includes the City Council.
Decrease your debt by starting with the most expensive line of credit you have, which will usually be your credit card, then your overdraft, followed by a personal or unsecured loan.
Mr Longbottom said many smaller firms in the district had suffered due to the effects of larger PLCs going into liquidation and failing to pay unsecured creditors.
I did a lot of surfing the net (thanks to my neighbour's unsecured wireless connection).
That figure includes millions owed to a number of unsecured creditors, many of whom are small Canadian publishers.
Read more here about how to replace expensive debts with a cheap unsecured loan and visit our Personal Loan Centre.
People should be taught to take the right precautions when using an unsecured network.
After payment to the preferred creditors and Anglo Irish Bank a total of £231,450 remains for unsecured creditors - a shortfall of over £2.3million.
One employee was hit in the face by an unsecured fridge door, which left their glasses broken.