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unseat / сбрасывать, лишать места, ссадить со стула
discard, drop, shed, dump, throw, unseat
лишать места
ссадить со стула
сбрасывать с седла
сбрасывать с лошади
dismount, unhorse, down, play up, unseat
cause (someone) to fall from a horse or bicycle.
Hannah Blumenthal, 52, a freelance pony rider, was severely injured when she was unseated from a horse on Friday morning at Belmont Park.
They were initially accused of plotting to unseat the government of oil-rich Equatorial Guinea in March last year.
The AL, the main opposition party, has decided to resort to street agitation to unseat the government.
A stalemate had been reached in which the opposition could not unseat the government by force and the government could not reassert full control.
But no one, not even Wahid, is suggesting that the military as an institution is behind any attempt to unseat the government.
The idea that term limits are necessary to unseat jaded officials and rouse lazy voters could not be more inapplicable in New York City now.
It's also not fair that the sitting governor requires a majority vote to remain in office, as opposed to the plurality an opponent needs to unseat him.
At best, Troy is simply an opportunist who was able to gain the support of a number of key people to help unseat me.
Bravo, 33, was riding Maid of Sunlight, who was squeezed in tight quarters and unseated him when she fell.
Mr Blocher was elected yesterday with 121 votes, unseating Ruth Metzler, the incumbent Christian People's party justice minister, who got 116.
Paul Woolstewholmes from Suffolk has won the election for national officer in the Fire Brigades union, unseating the leadership candidate.