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unseasonable / не по сезону, несвоевременный, неуместный
имя прилагательное
не по сезону
untimely, inopportune, undue, unseasonable, timeless, injudicious
irrelevant, inappropriate, improper, incongruous, impertinent, unseasonable
имя прилагательное
(of weather) unusual for the time of year.
an unseasonable warm spell
She'd helped Wendy in her (mostly vain) attempts to contain the leaks during the unseasonable storm that blew in Monday afternoon.
The unseasonable rainy spell has certainly not dampened the spirits of the hardy young horticulturalists in Mr Rob's natural science class.
How is it that you come here with clothes and hair still wet at an unseasonable hour?
Three home draws in succession, including the semi-final, have helped; so has the dry, unseasonable weather that has done their expansive game no harm whatsoever.
It was in the upper fifties or lower sixties tonight, and I'd say it was unseasonable but it was just as warm last year.
Others suggest a less sinister theory, arguing that the continent's torrential summer season is down to a completely natural and not entirely unexpected event: freakishly unseasonable weather.
Heavy rain also fell in northeastern Victoria, and cold air accompanying the storm resulted in heavy - and quite unseasonable - snowfalls on the higher mountains.
Thursday and Friday were unseasonable warm days in Vidin, Northwestern Bulgaria, where thermometers read 32C, a record high for the past 50 years.
Monday's stage was reduced by 50 km due to bad weather - that included unseasonable snow flurries - at the original start town of Livigno.
The day was warm and sultry and the unseasonable rain which punctuated the round failed to dampen the enthusiasm of the golfers.