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unseal / распечатывать, вскрывать, раскрывать
unseal, tear open, break
reveal, disclose, dissect, unseal, rip up, anatomize
disclose, reveal, open, unfold, uncover, unseal
remove or break the seal of.
she slowly unsealed the envelope
I asked him to now unseal his deck of cards, discard the jokers and any advertising material, and I told him I'd do the same with my own new deck of cards.
It took a while to unseal the boulder from the entrance but he managed to move the thing out of the way.
I unseal the hatch and am met with another burst of cold air.
Kjarian turned, lifting his arms so as to unseal the door.
So at the end the police had managed to persuade James into letting his mother unseal the envelope.
Plant workers told inspectors that pressure in the tank should have been zero, but ‘spiked’ just before the attempt to unseal it.
Coughing and spluttering, I reached up to unseal the airtight locks on the compartment.
I'm going to need you to unseal the security you've no doubt got on the back room.
It clearly says on it that it will self-destruct some time after you unseal the package.
Another 12 team reps are in the studio and won't know the results until the envelopes are unsealed .