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unscrew / выкрутить, отвинчивать, отвернуть
unscrew, fold back
(with reference to a lid or other object held in place by a spiral thread) unfasten or be unfastened by twisting.
Will unscrewed the cap from a metal flask
The bolts seemed easy enough to unscrew , although the top bolt would require a stool or something to reach.
Silently thankful that she didn't have to unscrew the thing to open it, she swung it open by its hinges.
Be sure to remove and clean the magazine cap nut, Parcus said; unused over long periods, it often corrodes and becomes impossible to unscrew .
Well, they couldn't get it open, so they tried to unscrew the hinges on the door.
Also remove all outlet covers and unscrew the devices, and install frames that will extend wiring boxes to the face of the paneling.
He then attempted to unscrew the lower part of the projectile, and when he found he could not open it, he started banging it on the long bench that he and his friends were sitting on.
The saving grace here is that the two rear 80 mm fans are quick release, I did not have to unscrew or remove 4 plastic clips to remove and replace the fan.
To unscrew the casing is to throw open such a Pandora's Box of nuts and springs, axles, ratchets and governors as to confound all attempts to recapture them.
You will have to build another rim onto that hub (just using the left side should be enough) so that you can twist the hub hard enough to unscrew the freewheel.
But isn't it always the case, that while one tap body will unscrew nicely, the other (the hot tap and main culprit) was jammed in there tight!