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unscramble / расшифровывать, разлагать на составные части
decipher, decrypt, decode, unscramble, paraphrase
разлагать на составные части
unscramble, decompose, decompound
restore (something that has been scrambled) to an intelligible, readable, or viewable state.
Code books and cipher books were used to scramble and unscramble the messages, but cipher machines were also used, and were faster.
Information on how to unscramble satellite TV signal and defeat smartcards was traded in Net chat rooms amongst the accused, prosecutors claim.
viewers use these decoders to unscramble the signal
Once it's been diagnosed you have to use tricks to unscramble the wrongly decoded message.
but how do we unscramble our feelings?
But critics argue that anyone gaining access to the computer modules involved could unscramble the records and find out who voted which way.
It is called conditional access, and you need a special thing in the box to unscramble the signal and let it through.
The game gives you clues, and you have to unscramble different words.
The equipment, including devices used to reprogram access cards, enables viewers to unscramble DirecTV programming without legal authorization.
The Feds could even unscramble digital phones, you see.
The role of historians - who are scientists of the human - is to unscramble myths.