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unsatisfying / неудовлетворяющий, ненасыщающий
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
not satisfying.
an unsatisfying relationship
Without agreed rules to play by, and strict sanctions against those who break them, sport would soon descend into unsatisfying anarchy.
The first time I put my knife and fork down was after my last mouthful, it was rushed, and totally unsatisfying .
They were all very fascinating, but ultimately unsatisfying .
Yet, watching him in parliament during his weekly exchanges remains a deeply unsatisfying experience.
And the story holds together fairly well, apart from the slightly abrupt and unsatisfying ending.
This is a brave, fascinating book, but strangely unsatisfying .
He had years of brief, unsatisfying relationships and even briefer flings to prove it.
Taking notes at one of his interviews is unsatisfying .
The intention was good, even if the result is unsatisfying .
Tom finds work unsatisfying and exhausting.