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unsanitary / негигиеничный
имя прилагательное
unhygienic, unsanitary
имя прилагательное
not sanitary.
the unsanitary conditions in the orphanage
She would brave bandits, illness, unsanitary , uncomfortable accommodation and even sometimes lack of food in a singleminded pursuit of her goal.
Up until the 19th century abortion was illegal, however this meant that women were forced to get rid of unwanted pregnancies in unsanitary and dangerous conditions.
And again, this is basically due to congested living quarters and unsanitary conditions.
Joseph himself presided over an adult school in York, where he met with men who lived with their families in cramped, unsanitary homes, existing on less than £1 a week.
The larger task at hand will be keeping the survivors alive; millions of people who are displaced and vulnerable in these unsanitary conditions.
For those without compost heaps, their bins will be thoroughly unsanitary after a fortnight.
The risk of infection increases with duration of travel and is highest for those living in unsanitary conditions, although hepatitis A may also occur in those staying in luxury hotels.
Nearly all children in developing countries are infected with the bacterium due to unsanitary living conditions.
About two thirds of the buildings in the town are estimated to have suffered notable damage, with as much as half being uninhabitable or providing unsafe and unsanitary living conditions only.
Since they have little means of acquiring new clothes or washing existing clothes, they are typically very dirty and unsanitary .