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unsaid / невысказанный, непроизнесенный
имя прилагательное
unspoken, unsaid, unexpressed
unsaid, undelivered, unvoiced
имя прилагательное
not said or uttered.
the rest of the remark he left unsaid
withdraw or retract (a statement).
Despite much mature retrospection, I can't unsay those mean comments to Mom, undo what 18 years of smoking did to my lungs, nor unwrite the cringe-inducing history of my high school social life.
Having said that, the unsaid still does haunt me.
Grice's cooperative maxims are the unsaid norms.
Someone needs to write a book on how to interpret silences because I'm sure there are more out there like me who aren't adept at knowing what the unsaid means.
If Hoge has something to say about the way social institutions respond to teen violence, he's left it completely unsaid in his film.
The strength of good literature is that it can explore the unsaid and the unspeakable.
Ashbery's lines are often pure poetry, shimmering with unsaid meanings even in their dependence upon the easy phrases of ordinary speech.
It is hard being a parent today because there are real laws, and unsaid rules.
Things go unsaid and unresolved in real life, but they also occasionally or even usually do get said and do get resolved.
Somehow, though, it is what he leaves unsaid that is the most intriguing.
Alan understood her unsaid suggestion, and was eager to comply.