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unsafe / опасный, ненадежный
имя прилагательное
dangerous, hazardous, unsafe, perilous, risky, critical
unreliable, precarious, insecure, untrustworthy, unsafe, iffy
имя прилагательное
not safe; dangerous.
drinking water in some areas may be unsafe
They will end up on the road fatality lists, victims of poor and dangerous roads and unsafe driving.
Borders are set up to define the places that are safe and unsafe , to distinguish us from them.
If the vehicle has been left in a dangerous position or it is considered to be unsafe then the police have powers to remove it straight away.
I'm not saying this product is safe or unsafe , but I don't think it's life-threatening.
But they were quickly forced to withdraw as the heat built up and the fire chiefs declared the building unsafe .
The service, which treats about 800 patients, has been told its existing premises are unsafe .
People are viewed as free agents capable of choosing between safe and unsafe modes of behaviour.
He learned that conditions were treacherous and it was unsafe to go to the cliff edge.
If the bonfire is deemed unsafe the police or fire service will report it to Bradford Council which will arrange for it to be removed.
Only the ground floor has remained in use after the first floor was deemed structurally unsafe in the 1950s.