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unsaddle / расседлать, сбрасывать седока
сбрасывать седока
remove the saddle from (a horse or other ridden animal).
Next, the horses are unsaddled and judged at halter in ranch conformation.
Sullivan unsaddled their horses and dropped the saddles in front of the tent.
Jesse returned just as they were unsaddling the horses back at the ranch.
I trailed my brother as he unsaddled his horse and hung up the saddle and the tack in the stable.
A piece of lead weight from a saddle had been found dropped on the ground, so all the horses had to be unsaddled and the jockeys reweighed.
His balance was thrown off, but he was not unsaddled until the horse went about twenty feet more.
Dan patted his horse on the flank and unsaddled it, then took off its bridle.
Thankfully, no one had unsaddled their horses because a moment later, the officers came galloping back in haste.
I unsaddled the horse and tied it near lots of grass.
The blizzard hit while they were unsaddling the horses.
Inside stood a single man unsaddling his horse.