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unroll / развертывать, развертываться
deploy, develop, unfold, evolve, unwrap, unroll
deploy, develop, unfold, evolve, spread, unroll
open or cause to open out from a rolled-up state.
the blanket unrolled as he tugged it
They unroll the red carpet at just about every opportunity.
A couple of the others went to the bookshelves and retrieved several books and a couple of cylindrical scrolls they opened to unroll A2 sized parchments.
Caesar untied the carpet and unrolled it slowly.
We immediately unrolled our sleeping bags and threw them on the bed.
We had unrolled the unfinished version of the map and adjusted our helmet lights to shine on its laminated surface.
The grey carpet unrolled quite easily, which suggested that this was done before.
Tyler set down the basket and unrolled the blanket, intent on setting things up himself.
The brothers ended their conversation and unrolled their blankets and laid their heads in their saddles.
At the end of their first day of trekking, they unrolled their blankets on a side pad.
We unrolled our sleeping bags on the floor and stretched out.