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unreserved / несдержанный, безоговорочный, незабронированный
имя прилагательное
unrestrained, intemperate, unreserved, incontinent, immoderate, indiscreet
unconditional, unqualified, unreserved, peremptory, implicit, plenary
имя прилагательное
without reservations; complete.
he has had their unreserved support
not set apart for a particular purpose or booked in advance.
unreserved grandstand seats
Like Coady, she's sociable, totally unreserved , and capable of talking about books all day.
Both are staunch, unreserved supporters of Israel.
The popular theatre, characterized by cheap, unreserved seats, a late start, and a repertoire to elevate the working classes, was a German creation.
When it was challenged, we had no hesitation in withdrawing it and offering our unreserved apologies which were graciously accepted.
We already have the unreserved support of not only the ruling government but also members of the opposition.
When it arrived, I elbowed my way into a carriage for unreserved passengers and got a window seat.
Yes, he says, work is in progress to open up a few more counters for unreserved ticketing ‘in a few months’.
He added: ‘All he can do is offer his unreserved apologies.’
He added: ‘The wilful killing of innocent people can never be justified and is an act that merits unequivocal and unreserved condemnation.’
If you are in a hurry to board a train at the Madurai railway station without reservation, getting an unreserved ticket is so tedious that you may even end up missing the train.