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unrepeatable / неповторимый, неприличный, нецензурный
имя прилагательное
indecent, obscene, rude, improper, unbecoming, unrepeatable
unprintable, unquotable, unmentionable, unrepeatable
имя прилагательное
not able to be done or made again.
Advanced Warfighting Experiments are limited in their ability to predict real-world outcomes, since experimental data generally comes from single or few unrepeatable events.
But more importantly it also redefines what is happening as something beyond the confines of a ‘miracle’ - a singular and unrepeatable event.
The following year, Sydney Box was appointed head of Gainsborough Pictures, on the assumption that he would work similar magic on the ailing studio - but The Seventh Veil turned out to be an unrepeatable one-off.
Conversely our tragedy is that we can never know fully the other: we can never put ourselves in her place, experience her experiences, understand her in her concrete particularity, in those unique, unrepeatable situations.
He ran over uttering an unrepeatable expletive on the way as he recognised my predicament, which by this time was serious.
Furthermore, evolution is a theory that deals with ancient and unrepeatable events.
The site offers a unique, probably unrepeatable opportunity and it's so close to the town centre as well.
I waited in silence, browsing through my CDs, deciding which one to play, when my meditations were disturbed by an ungodly sound, and the emission of an unrepeatable word from Jo.
For Croce, all phenomena were unique and unrepeatable .
A few words flashed into her head, most uncomplimentary, some unrepeatable .
We cannot by scientific investigation prove the order of events of past, unrepeatable , supernatural events.