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unremarkable / ничем не примечательный
undistinguished, inconspicuous, imperceptible
имя прилагательное
not particularly interesting or surprising.
his early childhood was unremarkable
Now the charging of interest is accepted as an unremarkable feature of modern society.
Actually, one surprise about meeting Lewis is how unremarkable she looks off the track.
The result is a highly inoffensive, passable sound which has its interesting, if unremarkable , moments.
The rest of my evening was fairly unremarkable , save for two other interesting events.
Today, and for quite some time, he was feeling as unremarkable and nondescript as he looked.
Once again, it was OK to wear ordinary clothes, ordinary shoes and live somewhere unremarkable .
On April 2nd, at this unremarkable place, an accident happened that I will remember every day of my life.
For a documentary about a sport widely seen as boring and unremarkable , Gentlemen is loaded with drama.
While the statement on the website was short and unremarkable , the sidebar on the web page was interesting.
It is an unremarkable little book with a dull cloth cover, but Janette Ray takes it from the shelf with loving care.