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unrelieved / необлегченный, не получающий помощи, не освобожденный
имя прилагательное
не получающий помощи
не освобожденный
не получающий облегчения
monotone, monotonous, dull, singsong, unrelieved, even
имя прилагательное
lacking variation or change; monotonous.
flowing gowns of unrelieved black
So the cycle of blame and retaliation continues, unrelieved and unrelieving, as history and today's newspaper bear witness.
If you read their stories, they are almost uniformly bleak, with stories of unrelieved violence and horrific choices.
It had been a historical commonplace to view the long interval between Archimedes and Galileo as a period of unrelieved ignorance and superstition.
Either way, the result is unrelieved shallowness.
At their back, the continent to which they belong offers an image of unrelieved misery.
Could someone please spread the word to the awards-seeking moviemakers of the world that unrelieved solemnity is not truer to life, not even in our worst moments.
Ahead, along the lonely Stuart Highway, lay 900-plus miles of largely unrelieved emptiness all the way to Alice Springs, and beyond it, Uluru.
At dinner parties, or at house parties with no dancing, or at any occasion where there is no escape from constant, unrelieved social interaction, I can sometimes struggle.
This was all to the good, since the lengthy period that followed - from the 1880s through the end of World War II and beyond - was one of unrelieved crisis.
And it was this unrelieved emotion that made The Children Are Watching Us such a radical departure for a film made during the last years of the Fascist regime.