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unrelenting / безжалостный, неослабевающий, жестокий
имя прилагательное
ruthless, merciless, relentless, pitiless, unrelenting, remorseless
unflagging, relentless, unrelenting, staying
cruel, brutal, fierce, severe, ruthless, unrelenting
имя прилагательное
not yielding in strength, severity, or determination.
the heat was unrelenting
He believed their newly formed government should be strict, orderly, and unrelenting .
Since the Vietnam era, he's been an unrelenting critic of US foreign policy and this book's no different.
Jordan's unusual mix of hard graft, unrelenting energy and ability to source funds ensured the team's survival.
Faced with a cruel and unrelenting system of numbers that mocked him, he invented a new one!
At sea, the punishing U-boat campaign continued, and the war in the Atlantic was cruel and unrelenting .
The world of business is a harsh and unrelenting one: a constant struggle for survival and profit in which the weak or the inflexible go to the wall.
Simpson was known as the Iron Man in his playing days and was a tough, unrelenting prop.
This is the world Elphie encounters as she moves from a life at Shiz University to one of unforgiving and unrelenting segregation.
So it's kind of cool for me to think of myself as someone who's unrelenting and controlling of situations.
For a place dependent on tourist spending, the unrelenting determination to turn paying customers away is simply beyond rationality.