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unrelated / несвязанный, не имеющий отношения
имя прилагательное
unrelated, unconnected, untied, free, loose, detached
не имеющий отношения
имя прилагательное
not related or linked.
unrelated facts
There was no single cause of the shame, rather a series of unrelated facts.
This unrelated incident ultimately resulted in an individual being charged with murder.
Now these are not unrelated developments unfolding within separate political communities.
Trevor Line, defending, said his client had only recently come out of prison for an unrelated offence.
Matched donors may be found among close relatives such as brothers or sisters, or can be from an unrelated donor.
That it is a justified belief cannot be a brute fundamental fact unrelated to the kind of belief it is.
In the strange world of synchronicity and serendipity that we inhabit, these two facts are not unrelated .
People are also starting to draw connections between apparently unrelated facts.
Laws now regarded as distinct and unrelated would be synthesized within a single unique description.
The headline was irresponsible because it was unrelated to the facts of the case.