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unregistered / незарегистрированный
имя прилагательное
unregistered, unbooked
имя прилагательное
not officially recognized and recorded.
unregistered births
Police and trading standards officials will be visiting car boot sales in a bid to stop unregistered dealers passing themselves off as car booters.
The reason for the difference is that a lot of milk production is unregistered as very small producers use and sell their produce locally.
Another 600,000 unregistered weapons are thought to be floating around.
No staff member had first-aid training and there was an unregistered nurse available for only three hours per day.
But officials believe as many as 1m unregistered items in private hands could make the grade.
The campaign to eliminate unregistered hounds met with strong opposition from owners, who tried to hide their pets.
There were also unregistered medicines, which were imported from countries, such as Taiwan and Germany.
They offer an extensive record search service, which includes wills and unregistered land.
There was an arrest earlier today, someone who had an unregistered gun.
An allotment amnesty is to be held to allow unregistered holders to turn in their plots to be correctly recorded.