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unrecoverable / неисправимая
incorrigible, irreplaceable
имя прилагательное
not able to be recovered or corrected.
Talking about the film, Cronenberg has referred to Nabokov's theory of memory and art as attempts to recover the unrecoverable .
The council has run up huge and unrecoverable debts.
In the first case the contents of the file are truly unrecoverable unless you can guess the password.
This week, as his wife was anticipating contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars, he sent her stock plummeting to an unrecoverable low.
It is laudable that companies are already making redundant equipment available for re-use but in the overwhelming majority of cases, they are not rendering the data on hard drives unrecoverable .
The bank also managed to recover loans that were deemed unrecoverable through a call-back system in which clients were visited by bank employees.
In her book, ‘The Sappho Companion’, Margaret Reynolds says there's something strange, remote and ultimately unrecoverable about Sappho's writing.
The unfortunate aspect of this is that it is not clear if a file is unrecoverable until recovery is attempted, and at that point it's too late to do anything about it if it can't be recovered.
Contingencies such as unrecoverable medical or dental expenses, hospital expenses and loss of wages are also provided for.
The reactor is already one-third completed; some $2 billion, probably unrecoverable , has already been spent.
Are Democrats writing off these small towns as unrecoverable Republican territory, where isolation seals their conservatism?