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unreasoning / беспричинный
irrational, foolhardy
  • unreasoning fear - беспричинный страх
имя прилагательное
not guided by or based on good sense; illogical.
unreasoning panic
But she found her thoughts unwillingly drawn ever and again to Theo, the man who had so intimidated her, the man her unreasoning instincts were so certain was the same as in her old dream.
Most people are fairly adept at judging the character and personality of others, or at least at distinguishing unreasoning zealots from men of good sense.
Their presumption of our political immaturity is the present-day equivalent of their long held assumption that we are passionate, unreasoning and - a late 20th century addition this - quaint.
I suspect this is the real reason for the curiously unreasoning hostility to the film.
How can you expect to have a reasonable and worthwhile take on anything the government does when you have developed such an unreasoning hatred for its leader?
Unhappily, the latter is the more vivid and unreasoning sentiment when once aroused.
You don't want your kids down there, and you don't want the protesters showing up in your neighborhood (seemingly caught in the throes of an unreasoning mass psychotic episode).
What killed them was unreasoning , remorseless, merciless evil.
Mr Justice Sumner said: ‘Her views on MMR are influenced by her mother's unreasoning and rigid approach.’
I gave a shudder, sending water droplets flying about the shower chamber as the unreasoning fear of possible brain damage came to mind again, despite what the doctor had said.