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unrealized / неосуществленный, невыполненный
имя прилагательное
unrealized, unfulfilled, frustrate, unperformed
unfulfilled, outstanding, unperformed, unexecuted, unacted, unrealized
имя прилагательное
not achieved or created.
an unrealized plan for a full-length novel
These were real ‘flowers in the dustbin,’ turning Rotten's prophecy of ‘no future’ into a world of unrealized possibilities.
It is possible to use unrealized gains in financial assets (including derivative contracts) as collateral for further purchases.
Apologies to Plato, but the idea alone of a great painting is not ultimately worthy of attention; and a great painting hidden in an attic can only represent unrealized potential.
With over $5 billion in realized and unrealized losses, it's unlikely that new money invested in Mercury will dull its tax edge.
Plans to create inter-regional federal courts went unrealized .
While the L-shaped arms of the sculpture began as elements of an unrealized house plan, the title phrase was lifted from the closing lines of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake.
Second, unrealized gains of some assets could offset unrealized losses of others, resulting in no required write-off.
These grand plans remain largely unrealized - so far.
Alternatively, if unrealized and undervalued tax assets like tax credits and losses are on hand, a share purchase will be favoured.
For example, the unrealized loss on the value of a current asset could be completely offset by an unrealized gain on a non-current asset.